Saturday, January 24, 2009

Martini Madness

NavyGuy and I ventured out to a martini bar tonight. I'd like to say it's because we felt like being young and adventurous, but really, a flight school friend of his was celebrating her birthday, and NavyGuy felt like we needed to make an appearance (and it was a means to get me out of the house).

So we traversed forty-five minutes north to the booming metropolis of Bellingham, WA (making a long and arduous detour along the way to grab some Dairy Queen for dinner... it was ten miles off the highway, but once I set my sights on that oval sign, there's no giving up). The martini bar was located in a hotel and it was clearly the hottest thing going north of Seattle - the place was packed! Luckily another couple had snagged some tables, so we were able to get seats.

Being the "dd" for the evening, I limited myself to one Cosmo, while NavyGuy polished off three manly Dean Martinis (extra dry). My drink arrived at the table still in the shaker, and I got to pour more and more into my cute martini glass, like how at some restaurants, they bring the rest of your chocolate shake out in that metal container :) Our group grew larger and it became a martini tasting all around with people getting crazy concoctions like the Headless Horseman, the Dreamsicle, and the most popular of the night - the Gummi Bear martini! (It came with actual gummi bears in the drink, and the guys at the table decided if they renamed the drink the "Grizzly Bear" it was then butch enough to order.)

Weirdest part of the evening - the toilet paper dispenser in the ladies bathroom. It was motion-sensored! You waved your hand somewhere near it, and half a ream of two-ply came shooting out. Odd, especially considering there was nothing else in the entire bathroom that was motion-sensored. My fellow ladies at the table were also befuddled. Despite the long commute and the flying toilet paper, I am a fan of the Best Western Martini Bar.


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