Thursday, January 15, 2009

If only we could watch TV like normal people

~ Watched John Adams again last night. (Part 3 focuses on Adams' time in France and Holland, during the Revolutionary War, trying to convince both countries to aid the United States.)

~ Debated with NavyGuy over which French king was in charge during the Revolutionary War. Called it a tie as neither of us remembered the correct King Louis number (it was 16, we both guessed 15).

~ Debated with NavyGuy over which French king designed the palace at Versailles. One point for Mugs, correctly identifying King Louis 14, the Sun King. NavyGuy argued for bonus points having Wikipedia'd Versailles and adding that it was originally a hunting lodge. Bonus points denied.

~ Debated with NavyGuy over whether or not Versailles is pretty. Another draw. Our third participant (Marine #2) agreed with me that the grounds/gardens are sweet, but took NavyGuy's side when it came to the Hall of Mirrors ("too narrow and ostentacious" plus some other crude remarks about the French).

~ Debated with NavyGuy over when John Quincy Adams becomes president. Negative points for NavyGuy (suggested J.Q. Adams was #4) and Marine #2 (suggested J. Adams was #3). More points for Mugs who correctly listed the first four presidents (Washington, J. Adams, Jefferson, Madison). Additional points for Mugs for answers a) John Quincy was 1824, and b) Lincoln was #16. However, when I incorrectly placed Polk in the 1820s, my reputation suffered, and all further historical questions were directed to Wikipedia.

So, all in all? Our impromptu history trivia bowl showed that three college degrees, two history majors, and one computer with internet access can make for a pretty interesting John Adams viewing... oh, and I won. (A rematch is inevitable, and I will be studying ahead of time so as to continue my dominance.)


historygirlie January 15, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

I would have enjoyed that conversation....when we watch history around here, I just get dumb questions like...."Is John Adams wearing underwear? Did they wear underwear then?"

Intellectual, to the extreme.

keby January 15, 2009 at 5:43 PM  

I'm starting to think I should have been a history major, because I love having these history/trivia conversations when watching historical pieces.

I kept wondering about J.Q. Adams too while I was watching John Adams. Hurray for Wikipedia for answering my questions.

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