Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY Candle

Such a simple way to dress up a basic candle you may already have at home, or can pick up at any dollar store, Walmart, Michaels, or garage sale for cheap. Here's what I used and how I did it:
Supplies: plain pillar candle; wire ribbon; scissors; tacky tape (available at craft stores, or Walmart).

Step 1: Measure the length of ribbon you'll need. I simply wound the ribbon around the candle, and cut so that the ribbon overlapped slightly.Step 2: Make a clean edge for the ribbon, by folding over the cut end. Then place a strip of tacky tape on the inside of the ribbon. Tacky tape is double-sided, permanent adhesive; it's an awesome adhesive because it hold so many different materials, but it will stick permanently, so use carefully.Step 3: Roll the ribbon around the candle, and overlap the tacky tape piece on top of the other end of the ribbon. Pull the ribbon tight enough to have it fit snuggly around the candle, but with a little bit of give - that way, you can slide the ribbon off and change out the candle decor for a different holiday.
Step 4: Embellish the ribbon and/or candle with any other holiday elements you want (again, just attach things with tacky tape). Here, I added a rubber spider to the outside. Like I said, very simple, but so much nicer than a plain candle. And since the ribbon isn't attached directly to the candle, it can be slid off when I want to dress up the candle for a different season. Gotta love cheap decorating!


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