Saturday, October 31, 2009

Newlyweds Series: Boob Tube

What television shows do you have in common? What TV shows of each others can't you stand?

Oooo, so many answers... I had to break this one down into more categories than the question suggests, just for the sake of accuracy.

Shows NavyGuy and I Both Enjoy:
30 Rock
Family Guy
How I Met Your Mother
Mad Men
Modern Family
The Office
Top Chef.

Shows NavyGuy Loves / NavyGirl Hates:
Alton Brown's Good Eats
Law and Order
Star Trek
anything on the military channel
Sons of Anarchy

Shows NavyGuy Hates / NavyGirl Loves:
America's Next Top Model
The Real Housewives of Anywhere
Project Runway
Gilmore Girls
So You Think You Can Dance
Grey's Anatomy

Shows NavyGirl Loves and Got NavyGuy Hooked On:
Sex and the City
West Wing
The Wire

How 'bout you all? Any surprises on your lists? Anyone found a way to get their significant other to watch Glee or So You Think You Can Dance? (I've tried the "there's hot girls" line and it's not working.)


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