Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letters to Target Guests

Dear Mother-Who-Should-Have-Been-Denied-a-Breeding-License,

Hola! While it was wonderful for you and your hyperactive three year old to visit us today, and we're happy you bought a latte and a kids' hot chocolate... we're less than thrilled that you let your child proceed to stand in the cart while holding said hot chocolate. And then when the little sweetie spilled the whole thing on the floor, you had the guts to walk back over to our counter and tell us you needed another one. Yup, just told us you did. No apology for the spill, no asking if it would be possible to maybe get another - not even a please to smooth out your declarative sentence! I say well done. Not every mother can teach her child that his actions have no consequences AND score a free hot chocolate in sixty seconds!

Can't wait to see your child in my classroom at some point, refusing to accept responsibility for any of his misdeeds (and demanding free pencils).



Dear Random Old Dude,

Yo. Parking your bicycle in the Food Avenue cafe is not cool. Not cool. There's a bike rack outside the store.

Use it.

Team Member Who is Not Paid to Babysit Your Bike

P.S. Retrieving your bicycle and leaving your cart in the Food Ave instead - also not cool.


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