Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Short List

It's SO CLOSE!!! NavyGuy comes home tomorrow, and then it's PUPPY DAY!!! (Yes, I have been running around the house saying that even though I'm the only one here.) We took all of your name ideas and came up with a list of possibles. Well, actually, the list was a lot longer originally, but NavyGuy vetoed many of my great suggestions, so we're left with the choices below that we would both be happy with.

So, here's the list. We're saving the final choice until we bring her home on Saturday and see which fits her best. Of course there's always the possibility we could be struck with brilliance and come up with a brand new name, but if not, the little pup will be answering to one of these. They are in alphabetical order, and I will give away no hints at what may or may not be leading in our own internal polls.

*Annie - in honor of Anacortes, and "Little Ann" from one of my favorite childhood books Where the Red Fern Grows.

*Bella - just always liked the name, and NavyGuy would never okay it as a name for a kid (and no, it has nothing to do with a certain vampire book character)

*Georgia - the name of the street we live on in our first house

*Ginny - pretty sounding, Harry Potter character that we both like

*Mocha - a dark color for a dark puppy, a connection to my favorite coffee drink and Starbucks job, starts with the same letter as both of our names

*Molly - another name I just like (and it's what I named my Cabbage Patch doll when I was younger... tangent - what was up with those whacked out names that came on the birth certificates for Cabbage Patch dolls?)

*Paige - a pretty name and a play on our love of books

*Penny - in honor of Pensacola, and it's cute sounding

*Tally - this is actually a Navy slang term that NavyGuy throws around all the time. I have no clue what its real meaning is, but NavyGuy uses it to mean, "I see it / I got it / I know." After having heard him exclaim this constantly, the word started to have a pleasant ring to it, so we threw it on the list!

So, that's what we've got. I'd love to hear your thoughts; NavyGuy and I will probably go with our gut on Saturday, but it's always good to hear if there's some major problem we're not seeing, or if there's a clear favorite in the race. 36 HOURS UNTIL PUPPY DAY!


Sister October 30, 2009 at 7:57 AM  

Awwwww, puppy day is tomorrow!!!

So, so, SO excited for you, and love all the names you've come up with. Don't see major issues with any of them, so I'm not going to pick a favorite, just can't wait to hear what you name your first fur baby :)

P.S. My expectation is that there will be more pictures ASAP on Saturday, understood?! ;)

Anonymous,  October 30, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

Much like a child's name, I suggest that you say the name over and over and over OUT LOUD and I can almost guarantee your list will get much shorter. Some names just roll off the tounge. What sounds good being yelled out the back door and as you're running frantically down the street? CANNOT wait to see photos!


historygirlie October 30, 2009 at 10:51 AM  

I vote for Mocha. PERFECT for a dark furred dog. And it sounds good when you are babytalking the dog (oh, good girl mocha! good baby!) and when you are yelling out the back door. (MOCHA! quit eating that bird! That's gross!)

My two concerns...Doesn't Maverick have a grandma named Annie? Grannie Annie? and a dog named Annie? will that be a hit?

Molly. Our family is not a fan of Molly for a dog, since the youngest of our family is named Molly. She always felt indignant when someone named a dog Molly.

(not that you have to take her feelings into account, since you met her all of 2 times, but I'm just explaining my thoughts)

What about something halloween-y, since you are picking her up on Halloween? Not that I have any suggestions for a name....)

historygirlie October 30, 2009 at 10:51 AM  

Is indignant a feeling? I dunno. :)

Anonymous,  October 30, 2009 at 1:45 PM  

Hey there! Sister-in-law here! Puppy day couldn't come sooner! Alright, so just a bit of a disclaimer here: I am going to just love the life out of this pup no matter what you decide to name her. Mom and I were discussing and we happen to agree that we LOVE the uniqueness of Tally. I like that it's kind of an inside joke between you and NavyGuy and has a special meaning. :) We also really like Ginny! Has lots of personality and adorable! :) Oh man - can't wait for pics!

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