Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Newlyweds Series: First Love?

Shakin' things up a bit - I had NavyGuy answer this one as well!

Was your spouse your first love? Do you benefit from being in love before (or having never have been in love with anyone before)?

NavyGuy said...

I had serious girlfriends before NavyGirl, but I don't think I ever loved them the same way I do her. NavyGirl and I were friends for so long before we were romantic, that our relationship has depth that none of my previous relationships had. I certainly benefited from those relationships, though, just from the standpoint of learning the give and take of being with someone for the long term. So, I guess the short answer is yes, NavyGirl was my first real love, but I benefited from previous experience.

NavyGirl said...

A resounding yep. I had one long-term serious relationship, and several short-lived debacles before NavyGuy and I began dating, and I'm 100% certain that NavyGuy is my first real love. The other boys all impacted my life in one way or another, but like NavyGuy said, our friendship was just so strong that no other romantic relationship prior held a candle to it. (Oy! Did not intend for this one to get so mushy and poetic... I'll be sure to pick a more humorous question for the next installment.)


Princess of Ales October 28, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

Was I in love before? Yes. Twice. Was it the same kind of love I have for beer man? No. But it was real; just young and dumb the first time, never meant to be the second time. The second one is still looking for Ms. Right by the way, so if anyone is in the market for a genius blonde surfer, call me. I know where you can find one.

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