Friday, October 16, 2009

"Single" for Two Weeks

NavyGuy leaves this morning for another two week detachment. This time, he's headed for El Centro, California (inland from San Diego). The weather starts to get pretty yucky up here in northwest Washington this time of year, so instead of wasting time not being able to fly, the training command always plans a few trips to sunny C.A. in order to help the students actually fly. For instance, NavyGuy has been scheduled for seven flights in the past eight days... he's only actually flown once. Ideally, when he and several other students are in El Centro though, they'll be able to get a bunch more flying done, and move along in their syllabus.

Obviously, NavyGuy being gone for two weeks sucks for a great many reasons (including, but not limited to, #7 - I can't watch any more How I Met Your Mother 'til he gets back, and #38 - There's no one else to blame for leaving water glasses around the house). However, instead of focusing on the negative, I'm going to try to find the positive. Namely, some time for fun girl activities and progress on several projects. Today I have a nice little trip to Bellingham planned, for some craft shopping and Barnes and Noble lounging. I've also been brainstorming a to-do list... which I'll list here in hopes that sharing it with the blogosphere will guilt me into accomplishing more of the tasks:

1. Make our moving announcements
2. Finish hanging pictures around the house
3. Start Thanksgiving menu and decor preparations
4. Create a Wonder Pets cape for my goddaughter's birthday party (I have until December on this one thank goodness)
5. Get guest room ready for guests at Thanksgiving!
6. Finish preparing for the puppy's arrival.
7. Start Christmas shopping list

I'm sure there's more that should be on the list, but I'm tapped out for the time being. Anyway, happy weekend to all!


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