Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers... to the so-cute-they-induce-squealing black lab puppies that I visited tonight.  My mom knows a fellow teacher who raises them, and she was looking for people to come by and play with the puppies before they're sold, in order to help socialize the pups.  Hmmm... snuggle with adorable puppies and not have to clean up their poop or deal with any of the downsides of having a dog?  Gee, let me think for a minute... gosh, I don't know... I might be busy with a pap smear that day and I'd hate to miss it...  

Mom definitely had to stop me from smuggling one of them out tonight (they have eleven - I could be halfway across the country before they figured out they were missing one!).  Here they are at feeding time - it was hilarious to watch them all climb over one another and literally fall into the food bowl.

Jeers... to having to leave without a puppy... NavyGuy... please?

Cheers... to finding some nifty scrapbook papers for a First Communion project in the works for my little cousin.

Cheers... to being able to watch my mom's tap dance class last night!  She and my two aunts partake in weekly torture classes and I crashed their party to see if they really had justification for complaining about being sore.  Verdict?  Um, yeah... they tap their little patooties off!  If I thought I could get them drunk enough, I'd stash three pairs of tap shoes in my wedding day emergency bag, and make them do a mini recital at the reception!  Alas, I fear you will all have to take my word for it when I say they'd give Shirley Temple or Gene Kelly a run for their money.

We'll end on that happy note.  Tomorrow I have to buckle down and make some decisions about the ceremony programs... so expect a few random posts while I procrastinate!


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