Monday, April 20, 2009

I {heart} Target

A couple Target items to highlight this week:

Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner
We're blessed and cursed to have stainless steel appliances in our kitchen, and for months they've gone uncleaned because we were terrified to use any cleaning products on them for fear of staining or other disaster. But this weekend, the fingerprints and schmears reached a point of no return, so NavyGuy and I scoured (yep - pun totally intended), the Target aisles to find a suitable cleaning solution. Lo and behold, right near the bins of sponges - stainless steel cleaner! There's a plastic thingy you hold and disposable cleaning pads you attach (similar to the swiffer series). I can't vouch for it's ease of use as NavyGuy is the resident kitchen cleaner, but I can vouch for the how shiny and clean the appliances look after the fact! (The starter kit cost about $6.99 and comes with six cleaning pads; refill packs cost about $3.99.)

Debbie Meyer Green Bags
Now our weekly sale item - Green Bags! My mom gets all the credit for these little wonders. When she visited at Thanksgiving, she brought a few to share, and I've been using them to store our veggies ever since. I have no clue what the secret is or how they work, I just know that they do. Target has them on sale this week, $9.99 for a box of 20 bags. You can probably find them on an end cap somewhere in housewares - they're a "as seen on TV" product, so you might need to hunt around a bit, but they're totally worth it.

I promise that I'll find some less boring Target items next week!


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