Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding meetings are better with champagne...

So many tidbits to share from this action packed weekend!

~ Friday was spent in Madison doing wedding errands.  First up - finalizing the cake!  It's going to be simple, beautiful, elegant, and freakin' delicious.  We went with three tiers, very simple white buttercream frosting, circle shaped layers.  Between each layer of cake, there will be a ring of fresh pink flowers (the florist is going to decide what flowers will hold up best), so it will look like each layer of cake is floating on a bed of florals :)  I'm most excited about the flavors (each tier is different):

1. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (NavyGuy's favorite).
2. Champagne cake with layers of mocha buttercream filling.
3. Chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache filling.  To die!

We're going to attempt to save the top layer for our one year anniversary, so we're going to make the carrot cake the top layer (hopefully it will keep the best), and have a half-sheet cake in the back to help finish serving our guests.

~ Post bakery, we checked in at the dress shop for another fitting.  I had my first one in February, but I was getting irrational and sleepless concerned about the way the dress had been shaped and fitted.  I also wasn't happy with the shoes I had originally chosen (as seen here), and had ordered two other options from  (I know, I'm getting slightly bride-crazy now that we're a month away, but I promise I'm trying to keep it in check.)  Anyway, long story short, I was concerned for nothing.  The dress fits perfectly, though they're adding another set of "fillers" up top to help make up for what nature didn't bless me with.  My new shoes are more comfortable and I think they go better with the dress than the first pair.  And I can sleep again.

~ Our last appointment for the day was at the venue where we're having our ceremony and reception.  We're currently having a few issues with them (the subject of a future post), but I will say the meeting ended on a pleasant note - they sprung open a bottle of champagne so we could taste what we'll be sipping come wedding night, and we sat around our coordinator's office drinking our worries away... 

Mom and I were wiped by the time we got through all of that, so we headed home, stopping only to pick up Chocolate Oreo Volcano ice cream from Culvers (YUM!).  Saturday was going to be an even bigger deal because it was Bridal Shower Day!  We'd be heading back down to Madison for a party... 

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