Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Procrastination Comes Home to Roost

I leave for Wisconsin (for one month, during which I will be attending several showers, oh and my WEDDING!), in about 16 hours.

Tasks Completed:
- get pedicure

Tasks Not Yet Completed:
- Fit one month's worth of clothing, beauty products, craft supplies, reading material, and wedding paraphernalia into suitcase (that I can lift).
- Take NavyGuy on pantry orientation, lest he think I've left him with no provisions and ordering pizza is his only option for nourishment during my month away.
- Decide on a first dance song with NavyGuy and practice "dancing"
- Locate my sunglasses.
- Locate my iPod charger.
- Charge iPod.
- Pay bills and organize household management (so the place doesn't fall down around NavyGuy, and two roomies in my absence).

Um... here's the current "packing" status...
Too many shoes? Beauty supplies still need to be added... you think TSA will mind if I simply show up with three garbage bags full of all this stuff?

Central Time Zone here I come!!!


A Oh Dub April 22, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

I'm leaving for Santa Barbara for the weekend and my room is the messiest it's ever been and I've got from after work til sleep to clean and pack. Your pain is more annoying and you're taking a longer trip than me, but I feel you :)

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